Results Sales represents “Adhesive Technology” starting September 1st

By August 31, 2016Blog

We are really excited about this amazing opportunity to represent another company that is a leader in their field (very similar to Results in that respect).  This great company manufactures doweling, anchoring, concrete repair and joint treatment products.  Our whole team spent time at the manufacturing facility to train on these amazing products.  We even added some videos under “Concrete Repair” on our website.  The most amazing item that I really liked is “Miracle Bond”.  It is a two-part repair epoxy that will glue or bond almost any material together.  You can repair holes, spalls, cracks in concrete, brick, block, rotted wood, fiberglass and more.  I just bought a small boat that needed some minor repairs in the fiberglass….. BOOM!  Painting a house that has some rotten fascia boards – BOOM!.  Painting a condo with loose handrails – BOOM!.  Sidewalks, Steps Cracked Stucco…….  It even bonds underwater, set loose tiles under the waterline in a pool – BOOM!  Let your imagination run wild.  The two parts are mixed in the nozzle – no need to measure, mix or screw it up.  Even you can do it!  Just send us an email for more information ( ).

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