NEW – Plastic Paper – HUGH SAVINGS $$$$$$

By September 1, 2016Blog

3M has been busy again figuring out how to make your job easier while at the same time saving you money.

Are you using 6″, 9″ or 12″ rolls of masking paper?  Not only is it expensive, it is also a lot to clean-up at the end of the job.  3M has a new painters plastic that will take the place of all those rolls of paper.  It conveniently fits on the hand masker.  The cost per roll should be as good or better than what you are paying for your rolled paper.  The good news is:  The rolls are twice the length of the paper!  That shakes out to half the price of paper.  So, with twice the length, that means half as much time changing the rolls and half as many you will need to buy.  When cleaning up, you will have half the waste to dispose of and your customers will also notice they will have more light in their home than using brown paper.  You ever have the dried paint on your paper flake off onto your newly painted window sill….?  No more, the 3M Plastic Paper is flake resistant and will hold up to a solvent.   THAT’S HUGH!!!!

Contact your Results Sales Representative or your 3M Distributor for more information ( or a sample ).  This is a professional product for the professional painter so don’t look for this at the Big Boxes.

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